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Our Favorite International Restaurants in Baltimore

Our Favorite International Restaurants in Baltimore

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We’re Ray and Nancy from FooodandBrews. As avid travelers, we’ve had the luxury of trying some amazing cuisines from around the world. But you don’t have to be a world traveler to eat like one, especially if you’re visiting Baltimore, Maryland. With hundreds of unique restaurants to choose from, it seems our home base has almost every style of cuisine covered. While we love to travel as much as possible, we also love having tons of worldly cuisines to choose from right in our own backyard. Here are our favorite international restaurants in Baltimore that will take you on a culinary trip around the world.

La Cuchara

First, we’ll start in the Basque region of Europe. If you are not familiar with Basque Country, it’s the northeast corner of Spain that touches France. This area is known for its seasonally dependent blend of country and seaside cooking. La Cuchara in the Woodberry neighborhood does exactly that. 

Close shot of salad plate
Photo Credit: La Cuchara Baltimore

Their rustic menu changes with the season and emphasizes simple ingredients. In addition to the charming plates they serve, they have curated one of the most incredible wine menus in all of Baltimore.

Interior of Italian restaurant
Photo Credit: La Cuchara Baltimore

We recommend a reservation as they tend to be crowded in the evening.


Heading east around the world we’ll land next in Greece. Located just off the Johns Hopkins University campus, Cypriana is a hidden gem of authentic Mediterranean cooking. Executive chef Maria Kaimakis is passionate about showcasing and elevating foods that her grandmother used to cook for her while growing up.

Close shot of Octopus dish
Photo Credit: Ray Grewe and Nancy Neely

Their wide array of small plate options makes for an amazing family-style meal where everyone can share and enjoy their aesthetically beautiful dishes. Make sure you order extra pita, it’s so good you may eat more than you expect!


Now let’s head even further east to China. NiHao, located in southeast Baltimore, is known for its traditional Szechuan cuisine. Award-winning chef Peter Chang has brought his traditional Chinese cooking to the Canton neighborhood.

Close shot of peking duck dish
Photo Credit: Ray Grewe and Nancy Neely | Photo Caption: NiHao’s famous Peking Duck

Many of us tend to think of Chinese food as take-out, but you won’t be disappointed on your visit when you experience their cozy atmosphere, not to mention the amazing and beautiful cocktails!

Colorful cocktails on a windowsill
Photo Credit: NiHao Baltimore

Throughout the year, NiHao also hosts special events and tasting menus for various holidays including the Lunar New Year and Mid Autumn Festival. 

La Barrita

Less than a quarter mile from NiHao, we’ll head to the other side of the world, Argentina to be exact. La Barrita offers an amazing mix of grilled meats, handmade pasta, and empanadas. This place has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in all of Baltimore, with a menu that will make you want to try everything. For first-timers, we recommend the Parrillada, which translates to “barbecue”.

Close up of steak frites dish
Photo Credit: Ray Grewe and Nancy Neely

Designed to be split between two to four people, this massive plate includes three different types of steak, chorizo sausage, fries, and a salad. In addition to their amazing food, they offer a full bar with crafted cocktails, a great wine selection, and a full tap list of local beers. Seating is limited, so make sure to make a reservation a few days in advance.

Feature Photo: Cypriana dishes | Photo Credit: Cypriana Baltimore

About the Author

Ray and Nancy are food and craft beer lovers living in downtown Baltimore in the Fells Point neighborhood with their two cats, Nugget and Xeno. They enjoy traveling as much as possible in their spare time to new locations to explore local cuisine and beverages. Since 2019, they have been to over 300 different breweries together! You can follow their adventures on Instagram@fooodandbrews.

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