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The Old Line State is full of American history and folklore. What better time to get out to explore our state’s spooky side than around Halloween?


Start: Burkittsville

Finish: Scottland

Distance: 2 days, 3 stops, 151 miles


Gathland State Park Remains
Photo Credit: Laura Rennie

Spook Hill

Gapland Road,Burkittsville, Maryland 21718

Burkittsville, Maryland, is most famously known as the town behind “The Blair Witch Project,” but locals know that the real magic is a road that defies the laws of physics. Located near a Civil War battle site, Spook Hill is a stretch of Gapland Road. For decades, people have come to perform a Frederick County rite of passage—placing their car in neutral at the bottom of the hill. Legend says that Confederate soldiers push the car and its passengers up the incline. 

Make a day out of exploring the cobblestone streets of Burkittsville.


goatman's bridge
Photo Credit: @prosandgonz

Goatman’s Bridge

7600 Governor Bridge Rd, Bowie, MD 20716

Many states have a goatman legend, but Maryland’s goatman has the most modern origin story. Legend says that in the 1970s, a scientist at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center was performing experiments with goat DNA. For those brave enough to seek him out, the goat man can be found near Governor’s Bridge, which spans the Patuxent River. Park under the bridge after dark, and prepare to have your vehicle pelted with rocks. There are claims of shrill cries and screams coming from the woods and even rumors that the goat man drags thrill-seekers into the woods, never to be heard from again. 

More outdoor adventures await you in Prince George’s County.


room with bunks and table
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Visit St. Mary’s MD

Point Lookout State Park

11175 Point Lookout Rd, Scotland, MD 20687

Shipwrecks troubled Point Lookout so often that in 1827 Congress ordered the building of a lighthouse for mariners headed into the Chesapeake Bay to the east and the Potomac River to the west. Some believe the lighthouse to be cursed, noting that its first keeper, James Davis, died while on duty, and two more keepers met the same fate. The civil war brought more death and destruction to Point Lookout’s beautiful beaches. The most haunted spot at Point Lookout is the lighthouse–the subject of many paranormal investigations. Visitors report cold areas, rotten smells, disembodied voices, and the ghostly figures of prisoners who roam the grounds. 

Discover more history on your visit to Southern Maryland.

While visiting these legend tripping destinations in Maryland, please be mindful of the folks who live near these spooky spots, especially if your visit occurs after dark. Always be respectful of historic and hallowed sites. Remember to follow all state and local regulations. As with any adventure, wear practical shoes and make sure to tell any wayward spirits that they are not welcome to follow you home.

Lead Photo: The Burkittsville Cemetery was featured in the movie “The Blair Witch Project” and is near Spook Hill, a popular legend tripping destination in Maryland. Photo Credit: Morgan Nebistinsky

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