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Maryland Road Trips, is the only travel resource dedicated to road travel across the state. We want to encourage what awaits just beyond your driveway. Because the best attractions, food, and oddities are found on the road less traveled. Online Opportunities:

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Who We Are

We are an engaging and inspirational travel resource for both Maryland residents and out-of-state visitors. As our contributors explore the obscure, interesting, and wonderful attractions of Maryland, our readers can follow along and be inspired to plan trips of their own. Our audience is anyone with a driver’s license and a sense of adventure!

Our Mission

We want people to be excited about exploring Maryland, whether they’re doing something new in a familiar city or checking out a part of the state they’ve never been to before. We strive to provide inclusive content from a diverse group of contributors that compels others to love Maryland as much as we do.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for enthusiastic and adventurous writers to inspire our readers to hop in their car and explore the Free State.

While we love featuring small businesses, tasty restaurants, and historic landmarks, we don’t see the drive there as a means to an end – instead, we view time on the road as part of the whole experience. We want to know what back roads you took and if you got lost, what music you listened to or what games you played, and if your co-pilot fell asleep in the passenger seat. 

We want your unique voice to shine through as you share your Maryland travel stories and connect readers to the places you visit and the people you meet along the way.

What We’re *Not* Looking For

Your article should not read like a Yelp review, an entry on a personal blog, or a newspaper article.

How to Pitch

  • First, take some time to get to know us by reading existing articles on our site.
  • Tell us about you! We want to hear what you’re passionate about — is it exploring historic sites with your kids, seeking impressive overlooks, or finding the best vessel for Old Bay seasoning?
  • Write out your idea(s) in a concise and clear manner. Your pitch should include what you plan to write about as well as any specific businesses you know you want to include. You can write about a specific place, like this piece on Glenstone museum. Or, you can write about a trip, sharing your itinerary and highlights along the way — like this piece about a weekend in Western MD. We also post listicles, which highlight destinations (or products) in a short but informative manner. Here’s an example of one of our listicles, which highlights women-owned breweries.

Who to Contact

Interested in working with us? Contact Laura Rennie, our editorial manager, at Please include a brief description of yourself, your skills, and your ideas, as well as samples of your work. We look forward to hearing from you!

Payment Policy

We offer our contributors competitive pay, which is based on the final word count. We reserve the right to decline an article if it is not a good fit for our website or if the writer has breached our contract.

Submitting images for social and editorial

Do you have quality, high-resolution images that might work for an upcoming article? We pay photographers $15 per photo that runs on our website. (View our photo guidelines here.) Send any editorial photography questions to

If you’d like us to share your photos on our social media account, please reach out to or fill out this form. We do not offer payment for photos that are reposted on social media, but we will credit your work and tag your account.

We reserve the right to decline any photo submissions.

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