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Publisher Letter: This Month Marks Maryland Road Trips’ One Year Anniversary

Publisher Letter: This Month Marks Maryland Road Trips’ One Year Anniversary

Dear Readers,

This month marks our one-year anniversary. Through captivating experiences and specially curated road trip itineraries written by 41 different contributors, our website is the heart of Maryland Road Trips. We’ve covered topics such as history, outdoors, arts and culture, dining, shopping, and everything that’s part of making travel memories. Our road trips are designed to do the planning for you and have become some of our most popular content. Our team has remained dedicated to bringing quality content that moves people to experience Maryland from mountain to bay, and the feedback we get confirms it. 

Maryland Road Trips doesn’t stop at our website as our social media accounts have successfully promoted 132 Maryland cities and towns as well as over 500 businesses. Our followers continually engage with us and one another. Moreover, we are delighted to see the number of new subscribers to our e-newsletter grow substantially week over week. 

We never could have accomplished all of this during such a challenging year without the hard work of everyone who has been with the team. Our editorial team and contributors are integral to our success. The social media and website team helps promote all the experiences found on this site (we have nearly 200!) and so much more of what our great state has to offer.

Additionally, my sincere appreciation goes out to the destinations and businesses that have advertised on the website and in the e-newsletter. It is truly our honor to help support the Maryland tourism and travel, hospitality, restaurant, merchant, and attractions community during what has been the most difficult year for them.

Perhaps most important is you, our readers, who have helped us become the go-to resource for car travel throughout the Free State. 

Our goal today is still what it was when we first started–to bring attention to great Maryland destinations. We hope to continue to educate and inspire possibilities for miles in Maryland for years to come. 

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Emily Dorr
Publisher, Maryland Road Trips

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