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A Jam Sandwich of a Playlist

A Jam Sandwich of a Playlist

A girl driving a car with another person in the passenger seat

As a life-long band geek, I have grown to appreciate a wide variety of music and the work it takes to make chords/lyrics into a jam. For me, driving is an activity full of fun and beauty. I’m literally transporting myself somewhere—and my travel music should do the same to my ears, mindset, and mood.

A song might be great for a run or a dance party, but how does it play in the car? How does it feel sitting at a red light or while cruising down on a highway? If I stop for gas or food, how does the playlist leave me feeling and then how does it pick me back up? Or, the ultimate compliment—would someone sitting at a red light next to me ask what song was blasting out of my car? 

With all this in mind, I set out to make a jam sandwich of a playlist—for any day, weather, or length of a drive to help you along your merry way.

Get ready to take a bite!


Lead Photo: Lanie Swanhart

About the Author

Kelsey McManimon is the Senior Designer at Maryland Road Trips. She is also a crafter and music enthusiast. Kelsey loves long drives along RT. 70 which allows her to have a great road trip dance party.

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