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Songs to Put a Spring in Your Step

Songs to Put a Spring in Your Step

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As the weather warms up, my mind drifts to memories of my 5-year-old self sitting under an oak tree on the front lawn with my slate blue portable CD player and big over-the-ear headphones that looked too big for my head. Music has always been my escape: then, from childhood woes; now, from adult responsibilities I’d rather ignore, but it has also helped cultivate many of my relationships. Growing up, I didn’t share many similar interests with my older sisters, except for music. Since I can remember, every sister road trip has included 7-Eleven Slurpees and Cheetos, cranking the windows down, and blasting the music as loud as possible without blowing the speakers. 

I’m confident this sunny, upbeat, throwbacks playlist (bursting out the gate with The Call by BSB and winding down with There She Goes from Sixpence None the Richer) will put a spring in your step and help you welcome the warmer weather. Get ready to be hit with nostalgia that will move you to turn the volume up and roll your windows down.


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Jenny Workoff is a Graphic Designer at Maryland Road Trips. Her interests include concert going, board game playing, and cooking. Jenny’s favorite road trips include: rolling all the windows down, reuniting with friends or family at the destination, and a finely curated playlist of jams, bops, and bangers.

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