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We’ve Got Your Road Trip Playlist “Covered”

We’ve Got Your Road Trip Playlist “Covered”

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Do you ever find yourself waiting in line at a coffee shop humming along to a song cover you’ve never heard? Times like these call for my good friend Shazam. I can’t count the number of songs I have saved on this app while eating at a restaurant or shopping around town. 

I love when artists add their own unique twist to forgotten songs. My favorite part about going to concerts is hearing bands riff other songs into their set. My favorite band Mt. Joy did this excellently, jumping into Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers and Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz mid-song.

Covers are great for long car rides. There’s something special about hearing words you know arranged in an unfamiliar way. So grab the aux, crank up this perfectly curated list of covers, and get ready for a road-trip-worthy blend of nostalgia and newness.

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Lanie Condor is the Social Marketing Manager of Maryland Road Trips. She enjoys traveling the state to find inspiration for content, especially when she can bring her two dogs along. She and her husband (and the pups) live in New Market, Maryland.

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