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Fifty Fifty Burgers Are Worth the Drive

Fifty Fifty Burgers Are Worth the Drive

Frederick is, in my opinion, one of the most delectable food destinations in Maryland. It makes a versatile and repeatable foodie road trip destination, and the concentration of local breweries in Frederick rivals anywhere else in Maryland. Let’s talk about a place you can road trip to in Frederick and get a bit of both: Fifty Fifty at Olde Mother Brewing.

The Vibe at Fifty Fifty and Olde Mother

Fifty Fifty and Olde Mother are joined at the hip, almost like burgers and beer are intended to be. Olde Mother is a highly popular Frederick brewery (and one of my personal favorites) set on the main drag, Market Street. 

Fifty Fifty is little more than a burger counter in the back location of the facility. It’s your typical burger joint, with burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and not much else.

Burger, fries, and beer at a brewery
Photo Credit: Glenn VanLandingham

My wife Nicole and I visit frequently, and it has become quite apparent people are coming for the burgers as much as they are for the beer. When you try one, it’s easy to see why.

Burgers that Shine and Those Old Bay Fries

I’m a Frederick resident and local foodie and have tried virtually all the local burger joints.  To put it plainly, Fifty Fifty burgers are the best in town. The fact that you get to enjoy them while visiting a top-flight brewery makes for a home run excursion.

The deliciousness of the burgers must have something to do with their namesake. These burgers start from 50% beef and 50% bacon. You’ll notice this combination most from the slight crispiness of the grilled patties when you take a bite.  

Platter of four burgers and fries
Photo Credit: Fifty Fifty

When it comes to our burger orders, Nicole and I couldn’t be more different. I’m a simple burger guy: cheese, lettuce, and tomato; Nicole is often tempted by unique toppings and flavor combinations. At our recent visit, she had the “Old Fashioned,” a burger with bourbon molasses sauce, sweet pickles, and caramelized onions.  

If you like burgers with a creative flair, maybe try the Fifty Fifty “I Can’t Feel My Face” burger.  Labeled on the menu as EXTRA HOT, it’s a burger with candied serrano peppers and ghost pepper sauce. Go ahead and be adventurous, but be careful!   

Prefer a vegetarian option? Fifty Fifty has an Impossible Burger on the menu and can use the patty in any of their specialty burgers.

(This is an article about burgers, but it’s worth mentioning that I’ve also had the chicken sandwich, and it’s tremendous.)

Something my wife and I both agree on at Fifty Fifty is the choice of fries. The Old Bay fries are a Maryland coup d’etat, a combination so delicious that I’m afraid of what will happen when the rest of the country discovers them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like Old Bay, you can eat Fifty Fifty fries with just regular salt. It will not disappoint. I’ve split an order of these before with a friend and they are INCREDIBLE fries! The sweet potato fries served with blueberry ketchup are also a tempting choice.

Is There Anything That Beats an Amazing Burger with a Craft Beer?

There’s no doubt Fifty Fifty burgers are worthy of standing on their own. I’d visit even if Fifty Fifty didn’t share space with a great brewery like Olde Mother. But here’s the magic of this Frederick foodie excursion—you get both.

Beer, fries, and a burger at a brewery
Photo Credit: Fifty Fifty

Olde Mother goes back to 2015 and is one of the foundation establishments that has made Frederick a great beer destination in Maryland. The tap list features mainstays like ‘Hank’, a light crisp lager that is easy to drink and pairs amazingly with a burger. Craft beer lovers can also try creative brews like the ‘Getting Figgy With It’ (which I had recently), a perfect wintertime beer, full body with fruity notes.

Besides the beer, Olde Mother is a great ‘hang out’ with a downtown vibe. It’s a Frederick hot spot for great events (trivia, happy hours), and probably most notably for their ‘Emo Nights,’ where adults crowd into the venue space to sing along with a live band.

Take Advantage of Being in Downtown Frederick

If you’ve made a road trip to Fifty Fifty Burger, take advantage of where you are. Frederick has one of Maryland’s coolest downtowns. If you head south from FIfty Fifty/Olde Mother on Market Street, you’ll immediately be in Frederick’s concentrated art district. Check out the Noma Gallery, or wander in The Record Exchange to flip through old vinyl records.

North Market Street Pop Shop is a super fun browse (vintage candy and soda pop from your youth!), as is Big Lush for plant lovers. There’s more eating and drinking, of course, Brewer’s Alley is a popular spot for both with a great tap list and happening terrace. Non-meat eaters will love Hippy Chick Hummus for their creative (and very Instagrammable) menu.

If you keep walking south through the main downtown district of Frederick, you’ll eventually end up at Carroll Creek Park. This is a delightful stroll, with a usual weekend event going on, and don’t miss it at Christmas when it’s decorated with a fabulous lighted boat show!  

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