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Our Top Ten Articles of 2023

Our Top Ten Articles of 2023

Bloody Mary in a beer stein

Our writers have had a ton of fun adventures this year—including exploring hidden beaches, biking the C&O canal, and seeing if “The Friendliest Town on the Eastern Shore” lived up to its name. These top ten articles of 2023 represent only a handful of amazing things to do around the state. Click around and discover hundreds of road trip ideas!

Feast on These Fresh Maryland Crabs by Laura Scharle

Unless you have a boat, a favorite dock that you know will produce a good catch, or a friend who’s a waterman, catching crabs can be tricky. But not to worry! Seafood markets and restaurants across the state serve up fresh Maryland crabs. Many also sell live crabs so you can steam them yourself.

Girl with crab mallets smiling in front of plate of crabs
Photo Credit: Captain Conrad’s

The True Blue certification program is managed by the State of Maryland’s Seafood Program and showcases all of the restaurants and seafood markets that are guaranteed to always sell local crabs caught by Maryland watermen.

The Friendliest Town on the Eastern Shore (And Its Neighbor) by Heidi Schlag

We were headed from our home in Frederick to Pocomoke City, the “friendliest town on the Eastern Shore.” That’s a bold claim to make because Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a pretty welcoming place. But after our weekend getaway we conclusively agree—Pocomoke City, and its neighbor, Snow Hill, made us feel like part of the community from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.

Person at a museum
Photo Credit: Heidi Schlag

People greeted us with a smile and engaged us in conversation everywhere we went!

The Historic National Road: A Delightful Maryland Drive by Anna Champagne

The Historic National Road is a 200-year-old road that stretches from Baltimore, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois. It was initially designed to connect the Potomac and Ohio Rivers and provide a gateway to the West. Now, it’s a destination for travelers who want to see the Road That Built America. The 174-mile Maryland portion of the Historic National Road runs from Baltimore to Western Maryland. It’s the perfect road trip for anyone wanting to see Main Street Maryland.

7 Secluded Eastern Shore Beaches by Laura Scharle

It’s a pretty special thing to live just minutes from the beach. I’ve lived just outside Ocean City for over a decade, and even after ten years, it still feels like a dream come true. That is, most of the time. During the peak summer season, particularly on Saturdays, my family and I either hang out at home or travel west for day trips. 

The author’s son at Deal Island WMA in Somerset County, MD.
The author’s son at Deal Island WMA in Somerset County, MD. Credit: Laura Scharle

If you’re looking for a quieter spot, check out the following secluded Eastern Shore beaches we’ve enjoyed in recent years. 

Hidden Hiking Trails on the Eastern Shore by Laura Scharle

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is famous for many things—crabs, boating, history—but hiking is not usually something most people think about when it comes to the shore. Central and Western Maryland seem to get all the attention from hikers. 

Robinson Neck Preserve in Dorchester County, MD.
Robinson Neck Preserve in Dorchester County, MD. Photo Credit: Laura Scharle

Until the pandemic, I didn’t give hiking too much thought, either. Other than exploring trails at Tuckahoe State Park and Assateague, I was oblivious to the many hiking adventures the Eastern Shore offers. With an energetic four-year-old to entertain during lockdown, I decided to explore my home state like never before, embarking on an almost daily road trip to hike paths less traveled. We discovered new landscapes, abundant wildlife, and some incredibly beautiful trails through our daily travels. 

Ocean City vs. the Outer Banks by Jillian Hughes

As a Maryland native and self-proclaimed beach bum, I’ve spent time at both places. And while this article will hopefully help you determine which location would best fit you and your family, I want to be clear that there is no wrong choice. Both places are beautiful and relaxing and can provide you with the summer vacation of your dreams. It’s just a matter of what kind of getaway you want.

Three jetskis on the water
Photo Credit: Delmarva Aerial 360

So which one is right for you? We’ve broken it down into three categories to help you choose: beach vibes, things to do, and accommodations.

The Best Walks in Maryland by Mike Ricci

The more places I visited, the more I realized how beneficial it was for me to feel that I was getting away from it all. Even the drives felt like something of an adventure. 

hikers at overlook
Photo Credit: Laura Rennie

And with such a diverse landscape, Maryland offers plenty of options. The best walks in Maryland are in areas that make me feel like I can truly unplug. 

4 Spots Maryland Road Trips Influenced Me to Visit by Laura Rennie

As the editorial manager of Maryland Road Trips, I have the privilege of reading every article we publish. It’s not an exaggeration to say that my job often influences my travel decisions.

Mallows Bay
Photo Credit: Explore Charles County

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the places I’ve visited because of personal recommendations by our wonderful contributors. 

Brunswick: A Railroad Town Going Places by Joseph Peterson

Don’t be too fooled by big memories of bygone eras to assume the old Smoketown is hopelessly dormant. To visit Brunswick now is to see that it’s still going places. There’s an inescapable energy, a bustle even, that comes from the town’s collective reach toward a new and different kind of wonderful.

biking the C and O Canal
Photo Credit: Joseph Peterson

Whether it’s the unique businesses flourishing in a picturesque setting that is itself a National Register of Historic Places Historic District, or the proximity to outdoor recreation, Brunswick is an ideal place to while away an afternoon. Make Brunswick your home base for a weekend of hiking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, cycling, and picnicking.

River, Roads, and Rails in Mountain Maryland by Jillian Hughes

Calling all outdoor adventurers, foodies, and history buffs! Allegany County, the Mountain Side of Maryland, is the perfect way to experience America’s transportation history.

1309 Steam Engine
Photo Credit: Allegany County Tourism

Whether you prefer waterways, nature trails, railways, or roads, Mountain Maryland has it all!

Lead Photo Credit: The Original Crabcake Factory

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